Music Matters: How Caregivers Boost Mood And Memory In Burlington, ON

Music Matters: How Caregivers Boost Mood and Memory in Burlington, ON

When you’re feeling blue, music can be a balm for the soul. But new research is finding many more reasons to consider adding music therapy to your caregiver routine.

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Music Matters: Therapeutic Benefits Of Seniors And Caregivers

“Studies have shown that the benefits of music go beyond lifting our spirits,” writes Katherine van Kampen in a 2022 CBC News report. “Music has even been prescribed as therapy for people suffering from such conditions as Parkinson’s, dementia, and depression.”

Among the myriad of benefits been lauded in the literature, music therapy has been linked to:

  • Improved quality of life for homebound seniors
  • Memory stimulation for seniors
  • Improved sleep quality for seniors with insomnia
  • Enhanced vocal ability and physical movement for senior dementia patients
  • Decreases in agitated and aggressive behaviours for senior dementia patients
  • Considerable stress-reduction and reductions in depressive symptoms, and more

Best of all, in 2022, music is more accessible than ever. Anyone with an internet connection has near-instant access to countless songs from any era, putting the incredible power of music therapy in the hands of every caregiver.

Implement Music Therapy With Caregivers In Burlington, ON

These are just a few of the ways our caregivers can help your loved ones access the benefits of music therapy in Burlington, ON:

  • Caregivers act as your loved ones’ personal DJ. Whether you’ve got a playlist made up, or your loved ones make a special request, our caregivers will turn on any music at your loved ones’ request and search specific songs on YouTube and other safe, no-cost streaming sites.
  • Caregivers buy and replace equipment for better listening experiences. Whether your loved one needs a cheap pair of headphones or a rare vinyl, we can run out and get it.
  • Caregivers improve access to music lessons. If your loved one wants to try playing music for themselves, we can help with instrument rentals, contacting teachers, booking lessons, and transporting your loved one to-and-from.
  • Caregivers create comfortable listening space. To fully reap the rewards of music therapy, you need a calm, clean, and comfortable environment, and that’s exactly what our caregivers strive to create during every visit. And if they want a dedicated listening space, we can set it up to their liking!
  • Caregivers connect seniors to music therapy programs. If your loved ones want to experience the power of music live, or take part in COVID-safe Zoom programs, like those offered as part of the Concerts in Care series, they need only ask.

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