5 “Invisible” Benefits Of Respite Care Services In Oakville, ON

5 “Invisible” Benefits Of Respite Care Services In Oakville, ON

Family caregivers are frequently referred to as the “invisible workforce,” so it’s no wonder that the benefits of respite care services often go unnoticed. Well, it’s time to shine a light on both.

Read on to learn 5 “invisible” benefits of respite care services in Oakville, ON, or call (905)-592-4886 to speak directly with a respite care coordinator near you.

Oakville’s “Invisible” Caregivers Need Respite More Than Ever

“Being a family caregiver is such an all-encompassing and overwhelming role, yet it is largely a silent and unseen one,” says Adriana Shnall, manager and professional practice chief for social work at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, in a Toronto Star report. “We need to care for and support our family caregivers and acknowledge the sacrifice and devotion involved in caring for others.”

In 2018, approximately one in four Canadains aged 15 and older provided care to a family member or friend, and over the past 3 years, the risk of burnout has only increased. Today, one-third (33%) of senior caregivers reported that their caregiving duties were “stressful or very stressful,” and most spent 30 hours or more providing care each week, many doing so in addition to their career and child care obligations.

The negative health impacts of caregiver burnout are well-known, ranging from depression and decreased mental health to major declines in physical health, but so too is the cure: respite care.

5 “Invisible” Benefits Of Respite Care Services In Oakville, ON

These are just 5 of the many reasons Oakville families schedule our respite care services:

  • Improved family relations, as stressors and care conflicts melt away, and your interactions with loved ones shift to memory-making instead of full-time caregiving
  • Improved mental health, giving you a break from the “chronic stress response” caused by long-term family caregiving, while also giving your loved ones relief from the guilt sometimes associated with burdening friends and family with our care needs
  • Improved physical health, giving your body a chance to heal, free of the physical strain of informal caregiving duty, and making more time for healthy habits
  • Improved quality of care, giving your loved ones the benefits of professional training and equipment, while also freeing up time for you to seek self-care
  • Improved access to support, thanks to our respite care providers’ connections with local senior care providers and caregiver resources—simply ask for referrals for any specialized care service, assisted living facilities, or senior outreach programming!

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