Tips To Keep Seniors Safe from Flu and Other Health Problems

As people age, their immune system becomes weak and they are at greater risk of suffering from flu and other health problems. Seasonal influenza affects millions of seniors every year. So, what can you do to keep your aging loved one safe from flu and other related complications?

Here is the answer.

  1. Get a flu shot – Firstly, it is important for your aging loved one to get proper vaccinations and flu shots. This will not only help protect your senior family member from seasonal flu but also keep them safe from other related health complications.
  2. Wash hands regularly – Make sure your loved one washes hands before and after the meal. Regular washing of hands can help reduce the risk of flu and germs. However, if your senior family member has a mobility issue and cannot easily get up to wash their hands, then using a hand sanitizer is the best option.
  3. Regular exercise – Encourage your loved one to exercise regularly for an overall good health. Exercising not only help boost the immune system of your senior family member but also reduce the risk of cold.
  4. Healthy eating – It is important for seniors to eat a healthy and nutritious diet to keep the immune system strong. Provide them enough fresh fruits, vegetables whole grains. In addition, make sure they drink plenty of water as it will help keep the nasal passages moist.
  5. Stay away from people who are sick – Flu is communicable. So, help your loved one stay away from people who are already suffering from flu or other related health problems. Unnecessary touching like shaking hands, hugging can also infect other people.
  6. Avoid crowded places – Avoid taking your senior family member to crowded places, especially the places that are poor-ventilated. This increases the chances of catching flu or cold from an infected person.

However, if you have no time to look after your senior family member’s care and safety due to other household activities, consider hiring an experienced care provider. An in-home caregiver will help your loved one stay healthy and ensure that all his/her needs are met on time. In addition, they will encourage seniors to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet for an overall good health.

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