Stop Holiday Stress: Helping Sandwiched Non Medical Senior Care Providers Find the Balance

Stop Holiday Stress: Helping Sandwiched Non Medical Senior Care Providers Find the Balance

Traditionally, the term “sandwich generation” is used to define those who have a living parent and are either supporting an adult child or raising a child under age 18. However, the term has recently been mapped onto British Columbia’s senior care conundrum as a means of understanding Canadians’ conflicting care duties.

For our purposes, the “sandwich generation” refers to British Columbia adults responsible for raising children or supporting adult children while simultaneously taking responsibility for their parents’ homecare. A large percentage of these individuals are also juggling work, households, finances, and social lives, which makes for a pretty big “sandwich” situation–or maybe more of a panini, as we’re flattened by the pressure!

Of course, the holidays only make more of a mess of things. Suddenly you’re being pulled ten different directions–work parties, family holiday functions, Christmas shopping, charity work–and trying to manage your schedule alongside those of your kids and parents.

But are members of the “sandwich generation” doomed to unhappy holidays seasons that feel more stressed than blessed? No!

ABC BC Canada’s non medical senior care services are designed to stop holiday stress and help informal caregivers find the balance. We offer flexible, customizable care solutions that fit any budget.

Here’s just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Anytime respite. Always Best Care BC Canada’s respite services are available 24/7, with no long term contracts required, so you can get respite whenever you need it. Whether you need to catch up on Christmas shopping, whip out a batch of holiday cookies for the school bake sale, or just need to make some time for self-care, we’re standing by.
  • Take the stress out of holiday driving. Getting the kids dressed up and to the party on time is hard enough without having to worry about doing the same for mom and dad. Let us help! Our non medical senior care staff can assist your loved one with dressing and provide full transportation to your holiday event.
  • Crossing holiday shopping off the list. Barely have time for your own holiday shopping, let alone mom and dad’s? No problem. Our non medical senior care team can accompany your loved one on shopping outings or run errands for them so you don’t have to.
  • Helping with hosting. Does your mom or dad look forward to hosting a holiday get-together every year? If only age is starting to make hosting more challenging, we can help! We’ll clean and organize the party space, help with setup, and support your loved one in any way they need. In this way, your loved one gets to throw the party they want, and you get to focus on enjoying it!

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