Stay Safe, Stay Active, Stay Fit: COVID-19 Senior Care In Oakville, ON

Stay Safe, Stay Active, Stay Fit: COVID-19 Senior Care In Oakville, ON

COVID-19 has disrupted almost every facet of daily life and business operations, but it shouldn’t keep your loved ones from staying safe, active, and healthy. Our senior care team can help.

Today’s post highlights the impact of COVID-19 on senior fitness habits, then explains how our senior care team facilitates safe exercise for older adults in Oakville, ON.

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Senior Fitness Impacted By COVID-19 Confinement Period, Study Shows

How did the COVID-19 confinement period affect our physical activity level and sedentary behaviours?

That’s the question that researchers at the Journal of Physical Activity and Health set out to answer in a new study, published February 13th of this year.

Analyzing the results of a national survey conducted by the National Observatory for Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors, researchers Pauline Genin et al. (2021) found that activity levels decreased to dangerously low levels among:

  • 42% of children
  • 7% of adolescents
  • 4% of adults
  • 2% of older people

For nearly two-thirds (32.1%) of seniors, sitting time and screen time also increased significantly, leading researchers to conclude that “the COVID-19 confinement period led to important modifications in individual movement behaviours… favoring decreased physical activity and increased sedentariness.”

That’s a big problem, especially for seniors, who need adequate levels of physical activity to improve cognitive function, emotional health, slip-and-fall resistance, sleep, and longevity. But don’t despair: our senior care services are designed to help your loved ones stay fit while keeping them safe through the pandemic threat period.

Stay Safe, Stay Active, Stay Fit: Benefits Of Senior Care In Oakville, ON

These are just a few of the ways we’re helping seniors meet the Government of Ontario’s recommendation of 150-minutes of aerobic activity each week, without ever compromising their COVID-19 safety:

  • Senior care teams purchase and disinfect home exercise equipment
  • Senior care teams find free home fitness resources (e.g. YouTube instructionals and yoga videos for seniors)
  • Senior care teams connect older adults with the Oakville senior center’s virtual fitness offerings
  • Senior care teams accompany your loved ones on gentle walks and other gentle outdoor activities, with proper social distancing and ventilation to keep them safe
  • Senior care teams provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability, keeping your loved one on-track with their fitness goals
  • Senior care teams monitor home exercise to offset the risk of slip-and-fall injury and provide peace of mind
  • Senior care teams provide healthy meals and promote restorative sleep with proper bedtime routines, helping your loved ones recover for their next workout

Book A Free Senior Care Consultation In Oakville, Ontario

While there’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every facet of daily life and business operations, there’s no reason it should disrupt your loved one’s healthy lifestyle.

Since we opened our doors for business, Steve Kelly and the rest of the team at Always Best Care have helped seniors stay safe and active throughout Oakville and all the surrounding communities, from Mississauga to Milton and beyond.

We offer a complete continuum of COVID-safe senior care services, each of which can be used to facilitate your loved one’s healthy and active lifestyle in any care setting.

To learn more about how we’re helping seniors stay fit and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, call (905)-592-4886 or visit the Always Best Care website to book a free senior care consultation.

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