Solve The “Caregiver Conundrum” With Senior Care Services In Oakville, ON

Solve The “Caregiver Conundrum” With Senior Care Services In Oakville, ON

Are you solely responsible for your family’s senior care? Are you struggling to strike a balance between child care, career, and senior care? That’s a classic caregiver conundrum—and we can help you solve it.

Today’s post highlights how our senior care services support family caretakers and provide respite for those in need. Read on to learn how to solve your caregiver conundrum, or call (905)-592-4886 to speak directly with a senior care coordinator near you.

Are You Struggling With A Senior Care Conundrum In Oakville, ON?

The term “senior care conundrum” first appeared in a February 2020 report by the American Association of Retired Persons, and while it was written for our neighbours south of the border, we can draw clear parallels to the experiences and concerns of caregivers in Oakville, ON.

In the AARP report, author Barry Jacobs, a clinical psychologist, healthcare consultant, and family therapist, describes how family caregivers often struggle to strike a balance between work, child care, and senior care obligations.

“During my caregiving years, I’d find myself sitting in meetings at work fretting about how my mother was getting along,” writes Jacobs. “But when I would visit her after 5PM, I’d then be distracted by concerns about my overdue work projects.”

Add child care responsibilities into the mix, as is the case for members of Oakville’s “Sandwich Generation” (those sandwiched between child care and senior care duties), and you’ve got yourself quite the conundrum.

And with research on the harmful health impacts of caregiver burden continuing to pile up, one thing is clear: Oakville’s senior care providers need support before it’s too late. Caregiver burden not only puts you at risk; it is also associated with poor performance at work, increased family conflicts, and lower quality of senior care for your aging parents.

Find Respite And Resolve Your Senior Care Conundrum In Oakville, ON

At the end of his report, Jacobs recommends that caregivers practice mindfulness, shift mindsets, and “take an observer’s stance” to reduce stress, but while these are effective wellness strategies, none cut to the root of the problem. Rather than finding a bandaid solution, why not correct the underlying issues? Family caregivers need support, and they need respite—and our senior care service is here to help.

Since the day we opened our doors for business, we’ve been committed to supporting Oakville’s caregiver community and solving the caregiver conundrum by delivering custom respite care solutions, whenever and wherever they’re needed. We offer a complete continuum of affordable, COVID-safe care services, and every plan is personalized to the individual, so no care needs go unmet, and you only pay for what you need.

In this way, we help caregivers find the balance, and the results speak for themselves.

To learn more about how we’re supporting Oakville’s caregiver community, book a free senior care consultation by:


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