How Senior Caregivers Keep Mom And Dad Connected To Community During COVID-19

How Senior Caregivers Keep Mom and Dad Connected to Community During COVID-19

Today’s post highlights two ways our senior caregivers keep mom and dad connected to their community without compromising COVID-19 safety. Read on or call (905)-592-4886 to speak directly with senior caregivers in Oakville, ON.

Senior Caregivers Facilitate COVID-Safe Visits With Friends And Family

By now, we’re all intimately familiar with the challenges and restrictions that COVID-19 imposes on our social lives. But with vaccinations rolling out faster than ever, it won’t be long before the economy reopens, and community programming starts up along with it. Until then, our senior caregivers can help your loved ones stay connected with friends and family, without increasing their risks of COVID-19 infection.

Here’s a few ways we facilitate COVID-safe visits:

  • Enforce all COVID-19 safety protocols during visits with friends and family
  • Purchase and set up video chat hardware/software for remote visits
  • Serve as a reliable point of contact, so friends and family can always reach your loved ones
  • Provide transportation to-and-from COVID-safe gatherings
  • Assist with hosting in COVID-safe, outdoor settings

Senior Caregivers Unlock Community Resources For Isolated Adults

If you’re looking for community programming, you’re in luck! The Government of Ontario offers a number of social, cultural, learning, volunteer, and recreational programs to help seniors stay active, independent, and socially connected, including:

Senior active living centers are especially popular, offering a range of social, cultural, learning, and recreational programs that promote wellness, social connections, and education. At the time of writing, there were almost 300 programs available across the province, including:

  • Arts and culture programs
  • Book clubs
  • Fitness classes
  • Health and wellness services
  • Lifelong learning classes
  • Multicultural social groups
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Special events
  • Travel opportunities, and more

And yet, despite the abundance of programming, many seniors still aren’t taking advantage of these resources. Some don’t drive; others simply don’t know these programs exist, or else aren’t sure how to access online offerings during COVID-19.

Whatever the reason, our senior caregivers make it easy to access community programming. We can help you find your local Seniors Active Living Center, assist with registration, provide transportation to-and-from, and even accompany your loved one to help ease them into the group and break the ice.

Until the pandemic threat period has passed, we’re also providing full support with online resources, and we can optimize your telephone/video chat participation by installing required software, purchasing necessary microphone/webcam equipment, and preparing a quiet, distraction-free space to take part.

Whatever you need to take part, our senior caregivers are up to the task.

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