Different Types of Hand Tremors

Hand tremors refer to a rhythmic shaking movement of the hand that occurs in a back-and-forth pattern. It is an involuntary muscle movement of the hand. Although this problem can occur in any age group, it is more prominent and seen in old age.

Older adults often find it difficult to hold things steady and to do different movements because of hand tremors. Before going in for treatment, it is important to know the common types and symptoms of tremors.

Types of hand tremors

Hand tremors can occur due to different types of disorders, diseases and conditions. Some of their common types are described below:

  • Essential Tremor: This type of tremor is often seen in older adults. Although the exact reason for this problem is not known, it is usually genetic. It means you could receive it from your parents or from grandparents. Essential tremor could be amplified by stress, low blood sugar, extreme emotions and physical exhaustion.
  • Parkinsonian Tremor:  This type of tremor takes place due to certain changes in the brain. Patients with the Parkinsonian tremor also experience rigidity of the legs, arms and their trunk. Their muscle movement could freeze, and they may find difficulty in balancing and coordination. The exact reason for the Parkinsonian tremor is unknown, however, according to recent researches; both genetic and environmental factors are responsible for this problem.
  • Cerebellar Tremor: Cerebellar tremor, also called intention tremor is caused by brain damage from a tumor, stroke or degenerative disease, like multiple sclerosis. Another reason for Cerebellar tremors is chronic alcoholism. With this problem, a person faces difficulty reaching out for something.

If you observe any one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms of hand tremor in your senior loved one, consult your doctor for treatment immediately. Alongside treatment, if you feel the need to hire an In-Home Senior Care Provider, get in touch with Always Best Care in North Vancouver today. Our trained and experienced caregivers provide all the required care and support seniors need. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 778-945-3010.

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