Simplifying Long-Distance Senior Care in North Vancouver

Simplifying Long-Distance Senior Care in North Vancouver, BC

Remote senior care isn’t easy. In fact, there are few things quite as stressful as trying to manage your aging parents’ health from another city or province.

But don’t despair: Always Best Care BC Canada can help.

Today’s post runs down 4 ways that ABC BC Canada makes life easier for adult children trying to coordinate long-distance senior care:

  • Leverage our expertise to locate nearby care resources. Long-distance caregivers often have difficulty finding senior resources and services local to their parents in North Vancouver. This can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming for both the parent and adult child.Knowing where to look and who to ask is key, and that’s where ABC BC Canada comes in. We have been connected to the senior care community in Vancouver, North & West Vancouver, Burnaby, and the surrounding areas for years. In that time, we’ve developed meaningful relationships with nurses, community centers, and senior care professionals that we can recommend to you based on your needs.
  • Eliminate main caregiver conflict. Chief among the dilemmas that adult children face while trying to coordinate care is figuring out who will take over as the primary in-person caregiver. This decision can be extremely contentious, causing major friction between siblings, friends, and family members.But when you hire a senior care team, you eliminate this conflict. We take the burden of primary care off your shoulders so that you can focus on supporting your loved one in other ways, whether that’s scheduling more visits, finding local care resources, or just picking up the phone more often to check in.

    And while you aren’t “on the hook” as primary caregiver, you can still be very involved in your loved one’s day-to-day care. Our senior care team acts as a reliable point of contact that you can use to check in, make suggestions, or make important care decisions from afar.

  • Make moving optional, not mandatory. Some long-distance caregivers think that the best approach to their situation is to simply move their parent out of North Vancouver to live with them. And if that’s something both parties agree to, it can be a very rewarding arrangement that brings everyone closer together.But what if your parent isn’t interested in leaving their North Vancouver community behind? And what if your family doesn’t gel under one roof?

    Our senior care service ensures that your loved one receives the top quality support they need, and keeps you engaged with their day-to-day care, so that moving your aging parent in is always optional, never mandatory.

  • Always know when you’re needed. Knowing when you’re needed in person is one of the most difficult aspects of long-distance care. The phone isn’t much help; one parent won’t admit there’s a problem, while the other might blow things out of proportion. Having a qualified senior care specialists on-hand ensures that there are no “false alarms,” and keeps any stubborn streaks from distorting the reality of their health status.

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