Managing Chronic Anxiety with Always Best Senior Services

Managing Chronic Anxiety with Always Best Senior Services North Vancouver

Many seniors experience anxiety as they grow older. If your aging parents live in North Vancouver or the surrounding areas, Always Best senior services can help.

Chronic anxiety is troubling, but it’s very treatable. A number of effective treatments have been identified in research by the Government of British Columbia, and many are incorporated into Always Best senior services.

And yet, seniors continue to suffer, both in North Vancouver and abroad. Why?

Because knowledge without action is useless. You can read anxiety management tips until the cows come home, but they won’t help your loved one until you start putting theory into practice. Without Always Best senior services, the onus is on you.

But many Vancouverites are already struggling to balance family, life, and career with their caregiving obligations, without having to worry about managing their parents’ new non-medical anxiety remedies. Moreover, many informal caregivers have anxiety of their own to deal with first–more than 30% of primary caregivers in British Columbia feel distressed, according to a recent CBC News report.

That’s where we come in.

Always Best senior services give clients peace of mind by improving the comfort, safety, and independence of aging parents and spouses throughout North Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We offer a complete continuum of senior care services, ranging from a few hours of light assistance each week to intensive 24/7 non medical support. Our staff are highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured, and all new employees undergo extensive screenings via background checks and reference reviews.

Once you feel at ease, you can start to implement some of the following anxiety management practices into your loved one’s daily care–or you can just leave it to us:

  • Get active. Exercise is a great tool for easing anxiety. But not when the idea of working out alone starts your loved one worrying. Always Best senior services can help in this regard. Though we are not personal trainers, we can provide encouragement and monitor your loved one as they exercise. We also create safe opportunities to get active with the option of accompanying your loved one on walks and other outings.
  • Make the most of online anxiety management resources. If your loved one is struggling with anxiety, encourage them to explore some of the free mental health resources made available on the Government of British Columbia You’ll find plenty of helpful information, such as articles on how to stop negative thoughts, and valuable tools like the HealthLink BC search bar, which can help you locate support groups in North Vancouver and the surrounding areas fast.Always Best senior services improve access to these resources for those limited by mobility issues or lack of computer skills. Our Home Helpers already help with email, monitor TV usage, and play movies for your loved one, so getting them online and opening a few links is no problem at all.
  • Stay informed about medication. Some anti-anxiety medication can be addiction forming and impair cognitive function. Many older adults have tolerability issues with certain medications.Always Best senior services include medication monitoring. By accompanying your loved one to medication consultations, we can also enhance transparency and communication between client, care recipient, and health providers to reduce the risk of medication mismanagement.
  • Participate in therapy. This is usually the first-line treatment for chronic anxiety sufferers, with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) being the most common option.We can help. Our team has established strong relationships with local senior care resources, and we can help you find a support group or therapist. We can also provide appointment reminders, transportation, and monitoring to make sure your loved one gets the help they need without incident.

Alleviate chronic anxiety with Always Best senior services

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