In Home Care Services: The Perfect Solution if time is not on your Side

In Home Care Services: The Perfect Solution if time is not on your Side

Time spent with your loved ones in the comfort of your home, is the best time ever spent. I’m sure you will agree, and this time becomes even special if you don’t have much of it on your side.

This situation cannot be better understood by anyone other than terminally ill patients. Speaking from the viewpoint of a terminal patient, he would want to spend as much time with his family in the comfort of his home, as possible. Home care services are a perfect solution for people in such conditions.

Home health care services ensure that the patient’s treatment and medication is taken care at their home instead of the hospital. According to 2017 census, 2 million or 8% of the Canadians population aged 15 years and older, received some form of home care help to deal with a long-term health condition, disability or aging needs. Also, 82% of these care recipients were satisfied with the balance of help from family, friends and professionals. Those who were dissatisfied generally wanted more professional help. This is a number big enough to highlight the huge demand for home care and a big opportunity for care providers in this area.

In recent years, senior Canadians as well as patients dealing with chronic diseases are increasingly embracing home care over institutional care at hospitals, regardless of their age or ability. A survey done by Statistics Canada in 2017 stated that four in every ten home care recipients report their health condition as severe. Reporting severe conditions was higher for certain health conditions, including fibromyalgia (67%), back problems (61%), arthritis (48%) and cancer (48%).

‘Home’ is increasingly becoming the most desirable place for health care. This is because patients are generally resistant towards change, want to live freely without any boundations and prefer to stay in more familiar surroundings. To support all of this, home care provides a great combination of comfort and convenience.

Home care services provide a Personal Support Worker to assist the patient with the routine activities of daily life. These assisted living activities include personal care assistance with bathing, dressing, hygiene and laundry, light housekeeping, joyful companionship, escorting to appointments, shopping, meal planning and preparation, and medication supervision. Speaking specifically from the point of view of those who are seeking end-of-life care, for them, spending some quality time in their home among their loved ones is the best way to spend their last days.

A well-met home care, is often linked to better health and emotional well being. Also, these services incur a lower cost than receiving treatment in medical institutions/ hospitals. Which is why, the demand for these services is expected to grow with the increasing population of older adults in need of senior care and those with chronic conditions or terminal illness.

Last not but the least, whether at home or in hospital, no caregiving will yield much result without the support of family and friends. After all, family and friends are the most common source of home care support. Also, it would be interesting to see this shift in the healthcare industry i.e. transformation journey of medical caregivers/ providers providing their services at medical institutions to online and in- home care services.

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