How Round the Clock Companionship can Help your Loved One?

How Round the Clock Companionship can Help your Loved One?

Since time immemorial, we humans have moved and functioned in groups. This has also been a big reason behind the evolution and survival of our species until today. So traits such as being social, building meaningful relationships and having a companionship flows naturally in our blood (DNA), quite literally.

Companionship, like oxygen, is also one of those vital life ingredients whose presence might not make you elated but whose absence for a longer time can be life threatening. I’m sure we all will agree to that, having had experienced the other side at some point in our lives. The lack of companionship for most of us is temporary. For example- a cold evening alone, a failing relationship or any other situation of such nature. Although the intensity of emotions in such situations might seem too much to handle in that moment, but we almost always get over that pain of loss/ vacancy with time, and move past it.

The situation, although, is not the same for everyone. For some, being alone might seem like a never-ending season especially for people who live alone, seniors and people with disability due to lack of physical mobility or having no one around to talk with. More often than not, they are homebound with no one to talk with and no option to go out and interact and form connections. A report by Medscape states that “Older adults who are socially isolated are at risk for a number of negative outcomes, including depression, chronic illness, and mortality.”

Lack of companionship not only can be unhealthy for your mental health but can also lead to serious physical harm too. For instance, falling is a common issue among elder people. This means that people above 65 years who are living alone are at a higher risk of facing a mishappening like this. In Canada alone, 33% of the women above 65 years of age are living alone, as per the census in 2016, which is not a small number for anyone.

The above facts make the importance of having round the clock companionship so evident, especially for senior care. The good news is that, with home health care services, it is actually possible. Home health care services enable a round the clock companionship for people living alone. This helps in ensuring them that they are not alone, having someone to talk with, they will also have someone whom they can always reach out to and who will reach out to them making sure that they are safe.

Although, home health care support is in no way a substitute of clinical medical care, speciality doctors but it certainly can play a huge role in avoiding or at best keeping at bay, the need of an actual clinical treatment.

Always Best Care provides companionship and home healthcare services in Vancouver, BC, and its surrounding areas. Give us a call, and we would love to help you out with your senior care requirements.

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