Benefits of Aging in Place

‘Aging in place’ is a viable option for most seniors. Typically, aging comes with a decline in physical as well as mental health, which further can result in loss of independence. However, it doesn’t mean that seniors need to move to Assisted Living. While it can definitely make a few things easier, like meal preparation and housekeeping, it also comes with some drawbacks, such as financial expense and a little less independence.

Aging in place comes with many benefits and is a worthy consideration for seniors. Let’s take a look at some major reasons why it is good to stay at one’s own home while getting older.

  • Costs Less
    Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are expensive. According to the US Census Bureau, the average cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home in 2016 was $6,844/month i.e. more than $82,000 a year. While nursing homes are more expensive than Assisted Living facilities, in-home senior care is still much less expensive than a facility.
  • Ensures Comfort
    There is no place like home. Your bedroom, favorite chair, a mattress instead of the hospital bed, the smell, and the overall familiarity of the space all contribute to making your stay at home comfortable.
  • Strengthens Your Social Network
    Aging in place allows older adults to strengthen their social network. By choosing to stay at home as they age, they can stay near their current friends and even enjoy the freedom to host various social events or get-togethers if they want to.
  • Slows Down the Progression of Memory Loss
    Memory loss is a scary prospect for most seniors. Plus, moving to a completely unfamiliar environment, especially an institutional environment, can actually worsen the progression of memory loss. Staying in one’s own home provides seniors with the familiar sights, smells, and sounds that help maintain their cognitive function.

By aging in place, seniors can stay in charge of their life for as long as possible and this can improve the overall quality of their life. As their health declines, you can always look for in-home care. For the best Home Care Assistance In Vancouver or surrounding areas, you can get in touch with us. To find out how we can help you with your senior care needs, feel free to call us at (778) 945-3010.

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