Reduce The Risks Of Polypharmacy During COVID-19 With In Home Care

Reduce The Risks Of Polypharmacy During COVID-19 With In Home Care

Today’s post highlights the risks of polypharmacy for North Vancouver seniors, then explains how our in-home care service can prevent medication mismanagement for your loved ones.

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Polypharmacy Risks On The Rise For Seniors In North Vancouver, BC

According to the British Columbia Medical Journal, the risk of polypharmacy, defined as the use of “more than six regularly scheduled prescription medications,” is on the rise for North Vancouver seniors.

For example, in one study, 48% of participants were prescribed 9 or more medications for various health conditions; a similar report published by the Journal of Research Pharmacy Practice estimated the prevalence of polypharmacy around 40.6%.

Indeed, polypharmacy has become something of an epidemic, so much so that North Vancouver’s medical experts are now calling for a deprescription movement, centered on eliminating “inappropriate medications” in favour of safer alternatives.

Unfortunately, polypharmacy exposes our seniors to a number of serious health risks, including cognitive impairment, slip-and-fall injuries, drug-to-drug interactions, and more. But good news: the risks of polypharmacy are completely manageable, and our in-home care teams make it easy, even during the worst periods of pandemic isolation!

Reduce The Risks Of Polypharmacy During COVID-19 With In-Home Care Services

These are just a few of the ways our in-home care teams protect seniors from the risks of polypharmacy:

  • Carefully reading and adhering to all medication instructions
  • Reviewing all drugs and supplements at every care transition (e.g. when transferring from hospital to long-term care, or from subacute care back to the community) to prevent any hoarding or overprescribing
  • Preparing food or water, or restricting fluids and food during administration, as instructed by your health professional
  • Enhancing communications between health care provider and patient (e.g. scheduling appointments and follow-ups, assisting with note-taking during consultation, ensuring all questions are answered, etc)
  • Monitoring your loved one before and after taking their medication to spot any signs of “medication fog”
  • Contacting health providers or emergency services as needed in the event of mismanagement

Free Quote On Custom In-Home Care Plans In North Vancouver, BC

For the past 7 years, Always Best Care has been helping seniors live carefree with personalized in-home care solutions, comprising:

  • Medication management service
  • Non-medical in-home care service, including full support with the activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Social companionship care
  • Assistance with clean-up and home maintenance
  • Meal preparation
  • Hospital transfers
  • Support for seniors sheltering-in-place (e.g. supply runs, social visits, etc)
  • Post-COVID recovery care
  • Transportation services
  • Fall prevention, and more

We proudly serve families throughout North Vancouver and all the surrounding communities, including:

  • Dawson-Delta
  • Oakridge
  • North Lonsdale
  • East Burnaby
  • Eagle Harbour
  • Ardley
  • Chartwell, and beyond

To learn more about how we can improve your loved one’s safety, comfort, and quality of life, you can:

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