Non-Medical In-Home Care in Wadsley, BC

If you’re struggling to find the right non-medical in-home care for a loved one in Wadsley, take heart: you’re not alone, and Always Best Care can help.

Vancouver’s aging trends have put the demand for non-medical in-home care at an all-time high. Fueled by the rapid growth of the Baby Boomer cohort, Vancouver’s senior population now dominates all other demographics

According to Statistics Canada, the 65+ population reached 387,315 in Vancouver in 2016, outnumbering the 0 to 14 population for the first time in history. Projections by the City of Vancouver figure that seniors will comprise 25% of the total population by 2036.

But even today, record numbers of seniors demand record levels of non-medical in-home care to maintain their independent lifestyles.

Of course, non-medical in-home care isn’t only for seniors. Thousands of Vancouverites rely on our in-home care services to overcome the challenges that disability, illness, and injury pose for independent living.

Whatever your loved one’s care needs, Always Best Care of North Vancouver can help.

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Always Best Care of North Vancouver offers a comprehensive selection of non-medical in-home care solutions, including:

All plans are 100% customized to your loved ones needs, preferences, and budget. Additionally, we guarantee:

  • No subcontractors–all staff trained in-house and held to exacting standards
  • All staff are thoroughly vetted via background checks, work history reviews, and drug screenings
  • No hourly minimums or long term contracts required
  • 24/7 access to a seamless continuum of care
  • FREE care consultations with zero obligation

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