Enhance Senior Mobility With Non Medical Home Care In North Vancouver, BC

Enhance Senior Mobility with Non Medical Home Care in North Vancouver, BC

Did you know that more than one-third of North Vancouver seniors aged 65 and older live with mobility disabilities? But that doesn’t stop them from loving life or living independently, thanks to non-medical home care services like ours.

Read on to learn a few ways that our non-medical home care service mitigates mobility issues for North Vancouver seniors, or call (778)-945-3010 to speak directly with a non-medical home care coordinator near you.

Enhance senior mobility with non-medical home care in North Vancouver, BC

These are just a few of the ways we help North Vancouver seniors overcome mobility issues and live carefree:

  • Eliminate painful and inflammatory activities from your daily routine. While it is important to practice mobility, certain movements and daily activities will need to be avoided to prevent unwanted pain and inflammation, which can exacerbate existing mobility problems, and to decrease the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. That’s tough if you live alone, but with our non-medical home care team there to help, your loved one will never need to attempt dangerous or difficult activities of daily living, so they can heal faster and avoid further mobility loss due to strain or injury.
  • Improve access to mobility programs, services, and professionals in North Vancouver, BC. After nearly a decade working in North Vancouver’s non-medical home care community, we’ve developed meaningful connections with all sorts of occupational therapists, trainers, and senior care providers, and we’d be more than happy to pass along our professional contacts.

    We can also recommend some helpful senior transportation resources, like Vancouver’s HandyDART, a door-to-door rideshare service for seniors unable to navigate conventional public transit without assistance, or simply provide you with transportation as part of your non-medical home-care visit.

  • Practice mobility and get more physical activity with non-medical home care. A recent report by the Journal of Medicine & Public Health concluded that when it comes to mobility, North Vancouver seniors need to use it or lose it. While it may not be realistic (or even safe) for mobility-challenged seniors to try to get the 150-minutes-per-week of vigorous aerobic exercise recommended by the Government of British Columbia, committing to regular “mobility sessions” can go a long way. Whether your loved one needs safe transportation to their favourite exercise class, or a workout buddy to accompany them on a gentle daily walk around the neighbourhood, our non-medical home care team can help.
  • Incorporate more healthy behaviours to reduce mobility restrictions. Beyond assisting with mobility sessions and exercise, our non-medical home care team makes it easy to eat healthy, stay hydrated, sleep better, and perfectly manage medications, all of which can help preserve mobility and even remove restrictions over time.

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For the past 7 years, our non-medical home care team has supported families throughout North Vancouver and all the surrounding communities, including:

  • Wadsley
  • Victoria-Fraserview
  • Second Street
  • Burnaby
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Upper Lonsdale
  • Stride Avenue
  • Sullivan Heights, and beyond

We offer all types of non-medical home care services, and every plan is customized to the individual, so no care needs go unmet, and you only pay for what you need. Whatever you choose, we guarantee:

  • Superior service, thanks to our uncompromising training program, stringent hiring standards, and regular performance reviews
  • Flexible non-medical home care contracts, so you can get help available whenever and wherever you need it, without committing to a lengthy contract
  • COVID-safe service, made possible by strict safety protocols, employee/client screening and contact tracing, rapid testing kits, and fully vaccinated caregivers

To get a free quote on your custom non-medical home care plan, you can:

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