End the Fear of Aging with Non Medical Home Care

End the Fear of Aging with Non Medical Home Care in North Vancouver

Growing old isn’t anything to be afraid of, so long as you’ve got the home care you need to promote successful aging.

Today’s post highlights how three common aging fears completely fall apart when you work with a qualified non medical home care team.

#1 — “All old People Get Sick and Live in Pain.”

Growing old without experiencing some pain and sickness is impossible, but then again, so is a pain-free and flu-free childhood!

While seniors are at higher risk of illness and medical conditions that cause chronic pain, growing old does not automatically mean poor health. Indeed, most older adults live out their years with a very high quality of life. And there’s lots you can do to increase your odds of that happy outcome.

One way to reduce your risk of sickness and chronic pain is by minding your diet. Research by the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Aging showed that 1 in 4 older adults suffered from poor nutrition. Malnutrition poses serious health risks, weakening bones and leaving seniors vulnerable to a whole host of diseases.

Unfortunately, eating fresh, whole foods can be difficult for seniors who live alone at home and have limited mobility. Getting to the grocery store or farmer’s market regularly can be daunting, and preparing food in the kitchen, surrounded by boiling water and sharp knives, can be downright dangerous. Many North Vancouverites opt for processed foods that are easy to prepare–especially those Boomers who grew up in the golden age of “convenience food.”

Fight the stigma and improve your parents chances of healthy aging with non medical home care. Our team can shop for healthy foods, prepare fresh meals, serve and monitor your loved one at meal time, and take care of the clean-up. It’s all included as part of our standard non medical home care service.

#2 — “Memory Loss is an Inevitable Part of Growing Old.”

Not all seniors experience dementia, especially in the advanced stages.

Though some individuals are genetically more likely to suffer memory loss, everyone can decrease their risk by improving their diet and increasing their weekly exercise time. Research by the Government of B.C. found that as little as 3 10-minute exercise sessions per day can help to keep the brain healthy.

Our non medical home care service makes it easy to keep your aging parents on-track with their exercise goals. Whether your loved one needs company for gentle walks around the neighborhood, or they just want a safe and reliable lift to their favourite gym in North Vancouver, we’ve got it covered.

#3 — “It’s All Downhill After 30.”

This one’s frustrating, if only because it’s tough to disprove until you’ve lived it yourself. But as you’ll likely discover, your senior years can bring the best friendships, extra time for family and hobbies, and new opportunities for adventure.

And with the help of a non medical home care team, this kind of “successful aging” is easy. Our senior care service is 100% customizable and completely tailored to the individual, so that you can maintain your independent lifestyle for longer, and enjoy more happy family time and exciting adventures than you ever imagined.

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