Alleviate Caregiver Burden with Always Best Senior Services

Alleviate Caregiver Burden with Always Best Senior Services

Caregiver distress, also known as caregiver burden, is on the rise, according to a Global News report.

An estimated 31% of home care recipients in British Columbia have a caregiver in distress, meaning they’re angry, depressed, or feeling hopeless about their ability to continue to provide care over the long term. This number has jumped by 7% since the last study in 2015.

That’s a scary figure when you consider the health implications. According to research by the Mayo Clinic, that means that nearly a third of all British Columbia caregivers may be at risk of:

  • Abusing drugs or alcohol, including prescription medications
  • Disruption of healthy sleep patterns
  • Chronic stress or fatigue
  • Irregular weight loss or gain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Frequent headaches, bodily pain, or other stress-induced physical problems

Additionally, caregiver burden can compromise the immune system, and even increase your risk of coronary heart disease and other conditions (Bevans et al., 2012, p. 398).

Caregiver burden or distress is also a major trigger for people to place their loved ones in residential care, even when it’s not really what either party wants. After all, residential care can be expensive, and research has shown that the majority of BC seniors prefer to “age in place” in the comfort of their home and community. But for many burdened caregivers, residential can feel like their only choice.

“Family members are throwing up their hands and moving people into care facilities,” writes seniors’ advocate Isobel Mackenzie.

Helping Caregivers And Care Recipients With Always Best Senior Services

Caregiver burden isn’t “a necessary evil.” On the contrary, it’s completely unnecessary. Granted, Vancouver seniors deserve high quality care, and no care needs should ever go unmet, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of the health of others.

There’s nothing to gain from overworking yourself in this way. Once your health is compromised, the level of care you’re able to provide plummets.

Whether you need a brief respite from the never-ending duties of a caregiver, or want to hand that responsibility over entirely, it’s easy with ABC.

We help with all the activities of daily living (ADLs), provide transportation as needed, and keep your loved one company when nobody else is around. Though the exact care plan differs for every individual, they’re all designed to improve seniors’ comfort, safety, and quality of life without locking you into a long-term contract or breaking the bank.

We’ve made it our mission to help Vancouver families in need, and have already made it possible for thousands of Canadians to live life on their terms, aging in place with the freedom, independence, and peace of mind that only Always Best senior services can provide.

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Bevans, M., & Sternberg, E. M. (2012). Caregiving burden, stress, and health effects among family caregivers of adult cancer patients. JAMA, 307(4), 398-403.

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