6 Easy Ways Seniors Can Eat Healthier

As you get older, your body starts to change and so do your dietary needs. Sticking to a healthy diet may become even more difficult with age, especially for seniors who face mobility issues or other age-related medical conditions.

Here are some easy tips to help seniors eat healthier:

  1. Before going to a grocery store or market, make a list. To avoid unnecessary purchases, make a list of better food choices. It will also help you to buy all the necessary items to create your meals in which you may forget to buy otherwise. This also helps to stick to a budget. In addition, make sure that you are not hungry when you go shopping. Hunger may lead to impulse purchases and excess of calorie intake.
  2. Make meal planning and preparation an enjoyable experience. Plan and prepare one new meal or try a new food item every week.Use the internet to search for recipes that sound fun and easy to do.Find some new and easy ways to prepare your favorite foods.
  3. Choose foods that provide you required daily nutrition. Include nutrient-rich foods in your diet, such as salmon, kale, seaweed, garlic, shell fish, eggs, potatoes, sardines and many more. They will help you stay healthier and active.
  4. Prepare meals and snacks ahead of time. Eating meals and snacks on time not only help seniors keep their energy levels higher, but also prevent them from eating convenient and unhealthy snacks or fast food.
  5. Avoid or buy only small amounts of prepared foods. Many prepared foods, such as sweets and snack foods, offer few nutrients and are not at all healthy. Therefore, try to avoid them by using easy to grab substitutes, like nuts or fruits.
  6. Stay hydrated. Stay hydrated to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Include water, various non-caffeinated beverages, and soups in your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables with a high water content.

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