If you've decided that a senior housing community is the right choice for you or someone you care for, this check-list will help you choose the right community to meet your needs. Be sure to mark your overall opinion for each section after reviewing the community. Make a copy of this checklist for each of the assisted living communities you're considering. Additionally, you can contact an always Best Care Senior Services assisted living specialist to assist you in finding the right senior community. It's a free service. For your no-obligation consultation or to find the office nearest you, contact your local Always Best Care office, or call toll-free 1-(855)-470-CARE.

General Information

  • How many living units are in the community?
  • Where is the community located?
  • Are different sizes and types of units available?
  • Do any units have kitchens or kitchenettes?
  • Are all rooms private?
  • Are bathrooms private?
  • Does the residence offer special care units such as those serving people with Alzheimer's disease?
  • Is a contract available that details fees, services, and discharge policies?
  • Is there a written care plan for each resident?
  • What input does the resident have in developing the care plan?
  • Are additional services available on the same campus if a resident's needs change?
  • Can residents choose their own doctors, therapists, or pharmacies?
  • How does the community bill for services?
  • What if a resident runs out of money?
  • Under what conditions would a resident have to leave the community?


  • Is the community clean?
  • Do the staff and residents seem cheerful?
  • Do you feel good about it?
  • Are stairs and hallways well lit?
  • Are exits well marked?
  • Are there safety locks on the doors and windows?
  • Are there security and fire safety systems?
  • Is there an emergency generator or alternate power source?
  • Is the floor plan logical and easy to follow?
  • Are rooms large enough for residents' needs?
  • Are there enough common areas, such as dens and living rooms?

What special services are available?

  • Bank?
  • Cafe?
  • Beauty salon?
  • Others?


  • Is the contract easy to read?
  • Do you understand everything in it?
  • Are specific services provided by the community?
  • Does the contract include all the services you are looking for?
  • How frequently are service provided?
  • What do extra services cost?
  • Are health services included?
  • If yes, which ones?
  • When and where are meals served?
  • Are all meals served seven days a week?
  • Does the contract address levels of care?
  • How many levels?
  • Who determines the level of care?
  • Are there services for each level of care?
  • Are linens/laundry provided?
  • Is there a parking fee for residents or visitors?
  • Does the community offer worship services?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Can you have personal furniture?
  • Can you come and go at will?
  • Can personal visitors come and go at will?
  • What are the entrance fees?
  • What is the monthly rent?
  • What is the security deposit? Is it refundable?
  • Are utilities included? If not, which ones?
  • Is telephone included?
  • Long distance?
  • Does the contract cover transfers or discharge policies?
  • How much notice is given to residents who have to leave?
  • Is the living area held if the resident is in the hospital? If yes, is there a discounted rate?

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