Which Food Items are Bad for Seniors’ Bones?

It is a well-known fact that bones get weaker, as a person ages. Bones start to lose their density and strength, putting older adults at a higher risk of fractures. However, you can’t always blame aging for this issue. Some diet related choices also affect seniors’ bone health.

If you are wondering which choices, then here is a list of food items that are bad for seniors’ bones.

  • Salt is not considered good for bone health. Older adults should avoid high sodium foods, as they make bones weaker as well as increase the risk of osteoporosis. High sodium food items include processed meats, breads, fast foods (pizza, burger, fries etc.), regular canned soups and vegetables.
  • Coffee is known to decrease the body’s calcium absorption ability, which may contribute to bone loss. This is why it’s advised to drink coffee in a moderate amount.
  • Drinking alcoholic drinks is also associated with bone loss, as it prevents body from absorbing calcium.
  • Soft drinks are linked to bone loss too. Due to the phosphoric acid that soft drinks contain, calcium excretion in urine increases leading to bone loss.
  • While high protein foods are considered good for health, they may cause harm to bones. Too much protein can do harm to the body, instead of helping. Therefore, older adults should add dairy products in their diet. These products are high in protein and they contain calcium too.

Thus, managing a healthy diet and avoiding aforementioned ‘bad’ foods is essential for older adults. However, many may struggle to manage their meals due to mobility issues and health problems. If such is the case for your aging loved one too, then hire professional caregivers to care for them.

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