Osteoporosis – What Older Adults Should Know?

With passing years, bones start to lose their density. They get weaker as a person ages, putting them at the risk of various diseases including osteoporosis. It is one of the most common diseases among older men and women. It increases bone fragility, and puts older adults at the high risk of fractures if they experience a fall.

Millions of people suffer from this medical condition that causes bones to become very thin and weak. As the years pass, it continues to damage bones, and it may not have any symptoms. A senior may not even know that they have this disease until a fracture occurs or an obvious change in posture is seen. However, some people experience pain in the bones or muscles in later stages. Height loss is another sign.

How seniors with osteoporosis struggle in daily life?

  • This disease may decrease a person’s strength, and make them weaker.
  • With weaker bones, seniors are more likely to suffer from fractures if they slip, trip and fall. Even minor accidents can result in a fracture.
  • Many older adults, who have osteoporosis, suffer from hip fractures after a fall. Such injuries affect their health and mobility too. And, they may take a long time to recover.

Who is at the risk?

Older adults are at the risk of developing this condition due to their old age. However, it is seen that women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis, compared to men. Family history of osteoporosis, following diet that is low in calcium, lack of physical activity and vitamin D deficiency are some other risk factors.

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