How Brain Games Can Protect You From Dementia?

Dementia is one of the biggest risks for individuals aged 60 and more in the United States. Millions of seniors in America are suffering from this medical condition today, and this number is expected to only grow in the coming years. Prevention is the only way to beat this disease. And, brain games are the biggest prevention method for this condition.

But can brain games really prevent dementia? Well yes, the chances are high. Different medical researches have shown that brain games can protect brain from diseases like dementia.

Games and puzzles keep a person’s mind active and increases their mental stimulation. Those, who actively and regularly enjoy brain games are less likely to suffer from mental issues like memory loss and cognitive decline. Their speed of processing information improves and doesn’t decline as much with aging, when compared to others. It provides protection from various diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Such are the reasons why it is advised to seniors to opt for brain games, puzzles etc., in order to keep their minds engaged and to exercise the brain. Playing board games, memory games, solving crosswords and puzzles are some easy and fun ways to keep your mind active. In addition, learn something new, like a skill, musical instrument or language to increase mental stimulation.

However, seniors can’t do it all on their own. They will need family members’ help and support. And, if other responsibilities keep family members busy, then hiring caregivers is an ideal option. Contact Always Best Care to hire trained in home care caregivers for your loved one in North Vancouver. Call at (778) 945-3010 today.

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