What Can Help Your Senior Stay At Home For Long?

Spending the retirement age in the comfort of their own home is the desire of many seniors. However, aging, medical conditions, diseases etc., make it difficult for them to live this dream. Transition to a nursing home or community becomes the sole option for them. But fret not because there are ways that can help your senior stay at home for long.

Home Modifications – Older adults may face problems with mobility due to aging or medical conditions. Home modifications can help them get around more comfortably and safely. Installing grab bars in bathrooms and railings on stairs are some example of home modifications. Repair any broken steps on stairs, fix loose rugs and clear the clutter around the house to make it safer. If using stairs is difficult for them, then install ramps in their home.

Transportation – Your senior will need transportation to go out for grocery shopping, to meet friends etc. Without proper transportation, they can become homebound, isolated and depressed, making living independently unfeasible. To avoid this, arrange proper transportation for them. If they can’t drive anymore, then arrange transportation assistance for your loved one.

Care – To age in place, older adults need regular care and assistance in daily living. With your help and care, then can maintain their quality of life and age in place. In case, you can’t provide them regular care due to other responsibilities, hire professionals from a noted firm like ABC. Caregivers can provide care, assistance in transportation, meals, daily living and more.

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