Flu Vaccines That Are Important For Seniors

It is important for the seniors to get proper flu shots in order to stay fit and healthy. There are different types of flu vaccines available for the seniors. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • The high-dose vaccine helps senior develop a stronger immune response. It has four times the antigens and was specially developed for seniors because sometimes vaccines can be less effective in older adults.
  • The intradermal shot is basically recommended for people between the ages of 18-64. It is administered through a micro-needle right under the skin.
  • If your loved one has an egg allergy, you can consider getting an egg-free vaccine. It has only been approved in people between the ages of 18-49.
  • For seniors who do not like shots, the nasal spray vaccine is available for them. However, it can only be used by people of ages 2-49. So, if you want to know whether it is the right vaccine for your aging loved one, get in touch with a doctor immediately.

The aforementioned are just a few of the important flu vaccines for the seniors. However, make sure your loved one is vaccinated properly. If you have no time to get your seniors vaccinated, consider hiring an in-home caregiver. Not only the caregivers will look after your senior’ safety but also accompany for doctor’s appointment to ensure that they receive proper flu shots.

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