How to Know When It’s Time for Assisted Living

The capacity to live independently is often reduced due to old age and illness. Families have to be vigilant in spotting the warning signs so that they can provide their loved one with the best care possible. Assisted living may have to be considered if the following are observed:

Frequent Bruising

Seniors are prone to accidents because of their diminished mobility and sense of balance. The frequency of falls and slips may begin to increase to a dangerous level. Bruises are the first signs of these issues. Parents may hide them or dismiss their appearance if noticed but don’t sweep it under the rug.

Weight Loss

If your parent is losing weight despite inactivity, then there might a problem regarding food intake. Check the refrigerator and the rest of the kitchen to see if they are well stocked. A bare kitchen may indicate difficulty in shopping for groceries. A large amount of spoiled food is also indicative of eating problems.

Memory Loss

One of the most common effects of aging is the reduced sharpness of memory. It starts in harmless ways with only a few inconsequential matters being forgotten. However, it can reach a point where important things like medication and doctor’s appointments are totally missed for prolonged periods due to memory loss.

Neglect of Home

A lot of people are particular about cleaning the house and maintaining the garden. In their senior years, however, men and women may be in a weakened state and have decreased mobility, which may prevent them from tidying up. The added clutter can be a hazard and cause accidents if the situation is left to continue.
Neglect of Self
Personal hygiene is vital at any age but seniors should be particularly mindful about staying clean, as their immune system is no longer as robust as it used to be. If your parent is beginning to neglect hygiene, check to see whether this is due to physical difficulties in bathing. Putting on the same outfit time and again might also be a sign that washing clothes has become challenging.

Odd Behaviors

Seniors may start to behave out of character or do things that are unsuitable in certain situations. They may disappear for awhile by wandering off to random places. They may dress for cold weather in the middle of summer. Such behaviors could signify confusion about their surroundings and even dementia.

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