Assisted Living Placement Services in North Shore, Canada

There are many different types of senior housing available today. The list includes skilled nursing facilities, residential care homes and assisted and independent living communities.

Elderly individuals who need help with certain daily activities can benefit from the care provided in an assisted living community. This setting allows them to maintain a certain level of independence. Communities like these bridge the gap between nursing homes and independent living. In this type of community, the residents are evaluated upon their arrival. This makes it possible for the community to develop individualized service plans to ensure the best possible care is administered to the seniors.

Residents of these facilities may be afflicted with various health issues, have memory disorders or might simply need assistance with challenges like incontinence and mobility. Assisted living communities are ideal for individuals who do not require medical care but can no longer function effectively on their own.

Always Best Care’s North Shore assisted living placement has been revolutionizing the way individuals view senior housing. Our main objective is to assist seniors in enjoying fulfilling lives. We have the commitment and the experience to service seniors, promote individuality and foster independence. Trying to find the most suitable community for you or a loved one can be quite daunting. Assisted living referral services in North Shore will help to make the task a lot less stressful. Best of all, this referral service is provided at no cost.

The assisted living and senior housing services at Always Best Care of Vancouver, Canada are free to clients. The community you choose will pay all the fees. In contrast to other companies, clients are personally escorted on tours to chosen communities based primarily on their needs and their budget.
Our free assisted living community referral services include matching clients with assisted living partners that are highly respected and trusted within our community. These partners will offer the most suitable living options that are based on the individual needs of the client, available budgets and custom screening after which, clients and their family members will be personally escorted to tour matched facilities.

To learn more about Always Best Care of North Shore’s assisted living placement services, give our office a call today to schedule an appointment, where we’ll sit down with you or your senior loved one to assess your care needs and set up a tour of a facility that can help meet those needs.

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